Turntable.fm Relaunches as Piki, a New Streaming Service

The fun fad we all forgot about a year ago has rebranded and is aiming to compete with Spotify and Pandora.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Remember when Turntable.fm was an awesome digital party place, and you couldn't wait to get enough points to get that weird new monkey avatar? It was a beautiful time in social music immersion, when friends gathered to ridicule each other's music selections and dub-wobbler kids discovered new worlds of shitty non-music. Everyone from Kanye to Lady Gaga were buying stock in the company, convinced that it was the future marriage of music and social media. But times changed rapidly, and the site's formerly enormous traffic has fallen sharply – as is the case with a trend that's run it's course. But Turntable's creators aren't letting it go without a fight, and have instead rebranded the service to become a new social music site and app, Piki.

Piki offers online radio-like streams from songs users choose combined with those tagged by friends, using a framework of the Pandora model but with an emphasis on social interaction. The company says it's been working on the concept for a year.

Can Piki compete with the likes of Spotify and Pandora? In short, hell to the no. But that's not stopping the PR spin: “There’s still demand to listen to music that’s powered by other people, instead of an algorithm like Pandora,” Billy Chasen, co-founder and CEO of Turntable told TechCrunch. “But instead of having it in very real-time, in a room like Turntable, we are providing a laid-back experience with Piki.”

You can register here for Piki invites being sent out within the next few days. An iOS app will reportedly launch in a month or two.