Premiere: Unconscious Disturbance ‘Key Club’ Video

Crave brings you Brazil's latest excellent export - a furious blast of rock called Unconscious Disturbance.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Hailing from beautiful Sao Paulo, Brazil, Unconscious Disturbance are making some serious waves and turning heads with their crushing sounds of chaotic fury – and CraveOnline is proud to get on board with an exclusive video premiere!

The band released their first major studio album Mind’s Corner on December 4, with big-city rock fusing with rhythmic instrumental lines in a cauldron of beautiful aggression. "Key Club" is a perfect indicator of such power, and you can check out the roaring intensity below!

It's an honor to bring new music from legitimately talented, driven musicians on an international scale. Born and raised in Brazil and currently based in Brooklyn, UD sounds like an eclectic mix of Intronaut, Cynic, and other bands of the like—but a tad more organic.

UD just released a bunch of tracks with, were a featured unsigned band on, and two weeks ago release a new music video with which can be viewed here

Keep up with them at the links below!