Listen: New From Alice in Chains – ‘Hollow’

The new AIC track is uninspiring and sludgy... have Alice In Chains lost their grungy mojo?

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Alice In Chains are gearing up to release their fifth album in 2013, and this morning have delivered the first single – in the form of a video featuring photos submitted by fans via Instagram.

The new record's writing process had undergone some setbacks when guitarist Jerry Cantrell underwent shoulder surgery last year, but it appears that all systerms are go on the follow-up to the band's tremendous 2009 return album Black Gives Way To Blue.

It hasn't been a casual ride, however. In a recent interview with Guitar World, Jerry Cantrell shared a few thoughts on the challenges of the band's next step, explaining that returning for a second record with new(ish) singer William Duvall was “like having to deal with the sophomore jinx for the second time in our career.”

“In my opinion, that record stood up to anything else we’ve put out in our career," Cantrell reminded fans. "And this new one is right up there as well.”

Listen to the new single "Hollow" along with a partial lyric video with pics compiled by fans:

Unfortunately, from the ears of an OG fan, this song is sludgy and uninspiring, with weak lyrics and a lacking creativity. There is little variation to the song's progress, and the chugging low-end is far too reminiscent of early 90s melancholy rock to feel modern and present. 

Alice In Chains’ still-untitled fifth LP is expected sometime next year. Here's hoping we'll hear more promising stuff in the weeks to come.