Video: This Or The Apocalypse Drop ‘Hate The Ones You Love’ Clip

Ready to get your face ripped off? Then you've come to the right place. 

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


This Or The Apocalypse has debuted a second music video for the track "Hate The Ones You Love" off their latest record, Dead Years – because some songs are too brutal to be contained to just one. 

Directed by veteran director David Brodsky, the video is about a group of young post-society survivors unable to cope with the task of killing a stranger who wanders into their territory. All of their coping mechanisms start to unravel.

Frontman Rick Armellino explains:

"Hate the Ones You Love was the first complete track that we knew would end up on Dead Years and it helped frame the rest of the album. The lyrics themselves are about how often I find myself mistrusting or even disliking people who remind me of myself, and what it's like to try and remain trusted to those you love when you can't accept who you are.

Writing a script around the lyrical themes and acting for the first time seemed risky but the final product really matches what we are trying to do.

Brodsky is an artist, I can't describe how cool it was working with him. Hope you guys dig it!"

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