Rural Rock Stars: Australian Girl’s Achingly Beautiful Original Song

That's it, we're moving to Australia.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


A digital avalanche of awesome, Reddit is a beacon of all things fascinating and disturbing on the internet, where millions get their news and our heroes subject themselves to open-ended questions from the hive collective. But one thing is certain: each and every day, users from around the world upload new and original content that oftentimes gets swallowed by the relentless machine of progress and stimuli addiction. 

A recent posting by a user named jwestcott drew attention to a girl named Celia Pavey, from a small Australian town, whose original song "Candle In The Night" stopped me dead in my tracks on this particularly hectic Monday morning. I couldn't let this one pass into the great digital afterlife without wider recognition.

Every day I sift through roughly 1,200 emails from publicists, bands, labels, managers and aspiring musicians looking for exposure, but so very rarely does anything that hits my inbox have even the most remote hint of the beauty and quiet passion that the lovely Celia puts on display here.

Like a mix of Joni Mitchell and Regina Spektor, Celia Pavey possesses an enchanting lovestruck ethereal beauty, and a knack for gorgeous songwriting. She's got several other songs as well – my current favorite original is "Nothing You Can Do". Here's hoping she sticks with it. 

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