Big Day Out Attracts 56,000 In Record Heat Wave

Big Day Out goers had to survive Sydney’s hottest day on record.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

Artists and fans alike had to brave the hottest Sydney temperatures on record as thousands of people crammed into the Sydney Showgrounds for the 2013 Big Day Out festival.

Queues started before the music began, but there was nothing the 56,000 people in attendance could do to avoid the heat- by 11am the temperature had already reached 40°C (104°F) and peaked at 45.8°C (113°F) just before 3pm.

The crowds were given options to stay cool. If you wanted to pay sunscreen sachets would have cost you $2, a slice of watermelon $5 and a frozen cocktail $12, but torrential rain also helped to cool off the afternoon.

Water spraying misting tents were full and unfortunately the St John’s Ambulance had to deal with an higher than usual number of heat related illnessesthroughout the day.

By nightfall Sydney had cooled and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers impressed with a 90-minute set playing their greatest hits. Co-headliners The Killers were also a big hit with the crowd, although they avoided playing tracks from the current Battle Born album and instead played classics like Runaways and Miss Atomic Bomb. Vampire Weekend and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs also drew huge crowds.

This year’s BDO has, thus far, been a huge success. The festival came under threat when co-founder Vivien Lees walked away from her creation and headline targets Eminem and Prince decided to go with rival promoters.

The tour continues on the Gold Coast Saturday.

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