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WTF?! President Obama’s Inauguration Playlist is Terrible

President Obama's inaugural song selection is severely lacking in flavor.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


We didn't exactly plan on seeing Jack White, Brother Ali or Black Sabbath on President Obama's hand-picked inauguration playlist, but the list is an eyebrow-cocking collection akin to mixing mustard with raspberry jam on a plate of spaghetti; it makes no sense, and it's a bit gross in execution.

Riiiight, we'll pretend that there's a human being on the planet who would put Beyonce, James Taylor, Fun and Soundgarden (their worst song no less) together on a mixtape. Are you an aging rager who loves the classics? We've got your Stevie Wonder. What's that? You're more the type to appreciate the sweet sounds of a group of lip-synching teenagers on television? The Glee cast is repped with pride. And by all means, if Mariah Carey's pipsqueak husband is your idea of a musical power play, this is the mix for you. 

The truth is, these songs are undoubtedly carefully chosen by Obama's PR surgeons to be as broadly appealing to every demographic under the sun who knows what an iPod is. Regardless of the curator, however, the list is unforgivably mashed together in a mess of styles, genres and pandering that nobody in their right mind would ever want to hear – much less as the soundtrack to a presidential inauguration. 

Whatever the case, you can dive in and enjoy the experience for yourself below.