Arcade Fire Puts Studio Up For Sale

Now you can own a piece of Canadian music history.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

The band Arcade Fire have announced that they have put their church studio up for sale, and now you can buy a piece of Canadian indie-rock history where their iconic Grammy-winning album "The Suburbs" was recorded.

In addition to using the church themselves, Arcade Fire also rented out the property to other artists like Timber Timbre and Colin Stetson, according to an article by The Canadian Press. The band had announced the selling of the locale via Twitter last Friday, posting "Anybody want to buy a church?"

Arcade Fire had released two studio albums prior to putting out "The Suburbs" in 2010, which they followed up with a tour. They've not only won two Grammys but six Juno Awards as well as the Polaris Prize in 2011 for the same album. They announced plans to release a fourth album later this year on their official website.

According to the Sutton real estate listing, the church, built in 1850, houses a small concert hall as well as a recording studio and accommodations, with architecture that makes it a "perfect location for an artist's studio, a place of worship, [or] a cultural, community or other organization." The church has a basement that was renovated in 2006. The band is also throwing in curtains and rods, the pews, a refrigerator, a stove, a dishwasher, a wall air conditioning unit, along with an alarm system. The property is listed at $325,000 and occupancy is set for 65 days after the sale goes through.