Prince Drops New Song ‘Screwdriver,’ Launches New Website

Check out the lyric video for "Screwdriver" and see what else the purple weirdo is up to.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Prince has launched a new website with a few titillating bells and whistles, the most interesting being a lyric video for his brand new song "Screwdriver".

Prince's all-new backing band is featured in the clip, which is an impossibly annoying word-walk through lolspeak abbreviations that completely distract from the song itself, which leaves a bit to be desired, if we're being honest. Did Lenny Kravitz write this?

Keep in mind, Prince is 55 years old. When a 55 year old man is using text abbreviations that your annoying halfwit little sister truly believes is the authentic spelling of such words (2, UR, etc), a creepy feeling of wrongness settles in. 

Cut with rehearsal footage, "Screwdriver" can be seen below:

Additionally, Prince's new site features a teaser trailer for an upcoming film seemingly titled Prince at Montreux. It may indicate a release of Prince’s first official DVD since 2003′s lackluster Live at the Aladdin. 

We'll keep you posted on updates from the Paisley planet.