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Coachella Drops Trippy 2013 Teaser Vid – But Where’s The Lineup?

The mystery is growing for the upcoming two-weekend desert festival, held April 12 and 19th.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Oh Coachella, you so crazy. This time last year, the hugely popular music festival held in the deserts south of Palm Springs, CA had released their full lineup and sold out of both weekends for the ever-expanding event.

This year, however, what we've got instead is a surreal time-lapse video teaser called "Bloom" to drum up even more speculation about who's playing the April 12 and April 19 weekends. Not to be confused with the Radiohead song of the same name (and it's unlikely that they'd headline two years in a row), the clip is accompanied by a track composed by Romain Segaud. And hell, where else can you see mushrooms sprouting into Tesla coils?

Keep an eye on the event's official Facebook and Twitter accounts for more info. And no, the Rolling Stones are not playing. 

Update: They have announced the lineup.