Corin Raymond Finances Album With Canadian Tire Money

"Paper Nickles" is a new two-album disc set from the folk singer.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Canadian folk singer Corin Raymond and his band The Sundowners have recorded an album called "Paper Nickles," and it was financed entirely by Canadian Tire money (how Canadian, eh?).

The two-disc set includes 20 songs that were recorded during a live performance at the Tranzac Club in Toronto.

"The whole year has just been kind of this slow avalanche of love," Raymond told CBC News. "People just got more excited about it… If you're lucky enough to ignite people's imagination and fire up their hearts, these incredible acts of community can just suddenly happen."

This past year, Corin toured from Ontario to BC and back at least four times, covering 30,000 kilometres of that road with Jonathan Byrd, a songwriter from Chapel Hill, North Carolina who Corin heard for the first time in Austin, Texas in 2006 – the two have written a number of songs together, including the title track of Corin’s most recent album, 2009′s "There Will Always Be A Small Time." Corin also played at six festivals in the summer of 2011, including The North Country Fair in AB, ArtsWells in BC, Summerfolk in Owen Sound, ON, The Shelter Valley Folk Festival near Grafton, ON, and the Northern Lights Borealis Festival in Sudbury. He has a number of upcoming shows that run through till April.

"All that Canadian Tire money represents the sort of leftovers of daily and forgotten life because each one of those bills represents a time when someone went down to get a bicycle pump or a garden hose," he said. "Though alchemy, all those little moments got translated into a record, which is a series of translations of songs, which are already translations of little moments."

Photo: Moody-Veldhuis