Watch Soundgarden’s ‘By Crooked Steps’ Video, Directed By Dave Grohl

Grohl directs the band as a gang of Segway-riding badasses on the run from Johnny Law.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Someone give Dave Grohl a sleeping pill. When the man isn’t working on his ‘Sound City’ documentary, drumming for Queens of the Stone Age, writing the next Foo Fighters record or making cameos on a staggering number of other bands' tracks, he’s hanging out with his friends in Soundgarden and directing the revived Seattle band’s latest video.

Grohl did the shot-calling on Soundgarden's new video for "By Crooked Steps," taking the band to a dive bar with questionable entertainment. Antiquiet uncovered the clip, which features the band cutting short the club employment of a particularly douchy DJ in favor of rocking the f*ck out. The DJ then calls the authorities, who trail them in the most breathless slow-speed chase since OJ's white Bronco run. And who's the arresting officer?

Watch the video for "By Crooked Steps" below, and read along as we describe the song in detail in our review of King Animal (under the player):

"A tab hits the tongue for the jittering psychedelic slam of "By Crooked Steps," the intro to the song perfectly capturing the onset of a powerful hallucinogenic hijacking: a distant ringing Thayil riff builds around a rising drum march, ushering in the first nervous sensations of perception deviation to confirm that the chemicals are working – that feeling creeping up your spine that something unpredictable and powerful is imminently arriving.

Just as you begin to find familiarity and comfort in the new groove, it doubles back on itself in a shuddering, amplified burst. The chemicals have shifted, and an uneasy excitement has only a moment to register as Shepherd's low end wraps a new, tighter riff-wrap around the pulsing rhythm, before the entire thing explodes into its full, thrash-jittering groove. It's immediately overwhelming, and Cornell makes no effort to console as he welcomes you inside. "I'm addicted to feeling / Stealing love isn't stealing / Can't you see that I understand your mind?" You bought the fucking ticket, the ride is now yours to take. "Not looking for a brighter side / Crooked steps will take me higher / I don't care if you want to cry".