Fleetwood Mac Coming to UK in September

The band will play a number of UK shows and discuss plans for a new album!

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Fleetwood Mac have revealed that they will be embarking upon a world tour in April, and will be taking this world tour to the UK in the Autumn. 

Drummer Mick Fleetwood spoke of the band's plans for the near future with BBC 6Music, saying: "We're doing a big world tour that starts in April. We're coming here [the UK] in September, October and maybe a bit longer. We're doing a lot of work here so we are coming".

The band, whose classic album Rumours was reissued this week to coincide with its 35th anniversary, were previously rumoured to be playing the UK festival scene, with Glastonbury in particular being touted by fans. However, the band have since booked dates to play in the US in June that would conflict with the Glastonbury weekend.

Fleetwood also revealed that he has been back in the studio with Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham, working on a potential new album. The drummer said: "We decided, myself and Lindsey [Buckingham], went into the studio and created a calling card for Stevie (Nicks) letting her know we wanted to make new music.

"We had the greatest time and we made some really good music, but then her mother died and it wasn't time for her to be singing. Just recently though she has sung on three of them and we've recorded one original song of hers. So, we're going to go crazy and there will be something out that we will play onstage and that might become part of a long term plan over the next year.

"Our wish is going to come true and we will finish an album. I hope there is a demand for it, after we throw two or three songs out on the internet, and we might make an album."

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