February Metal Guide: Ten Metal Albums To Watch For This Month

2013 kicks into album release season with gusto.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

With December yielding very little in the way of new albums, and January being more of ready-set-go month, it’s been awhile since I could collect enough metal records to produce my monthly look at the best offerings from the world of extreme music. February looks to start with a bang…..a HEAD bang….ZOOM, POW!! Tip your waitress. So, without further ado I give you Ten Metal Records To Look For In February.


Primitive Man: Scorn

Throatruiner Records

Release Date: Feb 5th

When I first listened to Primitive Man, I was looking into the sweet face of my fifteen-week-old puppy. Suddenly, my puppy seemed evil and filled with malevolence. Primitive Man don’t just conjure up slow, grinding doom, they also use their guitars to inject sounds that can be described as nothing short of demonic. Ever wonder what’s going through a demon’s head during an exorcism? Dig on Primitive Man and their hellish album Scorn.


Zombified: Carnage, Slaughter And Death

Metal Blade Records

Release Date: Feb 5th

While the title of this album doesn’t scream good time metal, Zombified does, at least to those who can find joy in brutal death metal joined with slabs of grindcore. Carnage, Slaughter And Death isn’t off the track of what Zombified are famous for. Blast beats, heavy guitars, cookie monster vocals and songs of evil and depravity. Zombified are an explosion of manic insanity that never lets up. Fans of brutal death metal and old school grindcore should strap in.


Hate: Solarflesh

Napalm Records

Release Date: Feb 5th

Speaking of death metal, who brings the growl and grind better than Hate? Returning with their new albumSolarflesh, the Hate boys produce death metal so fast and so brutal it will do nothing less than tear your face off. The black cherry on the metal parfe here is that Hate are technical guitar wizards. Any of you who want to study scales, solos and rapid-fire playing, Solarflesh is for you. Everybody else prepare to headbang until your eyes bleed.


Sink: Holy Testament 2

Svart Records

Release Date: Feb 12th

Part cold black metal, part haunting noise and part melodramatic art project, the band Sink wrangle multiple vibes and unleash Holy Testament 2. This is not a record for the easily amused, this is a thinking man’s album, something where sonic soundscapes are as much a part of the experience as the fury of black metal. It’s hard to label a band like Sink, they have too much going on at one time. Experimental, unnerving and just plain scary, Holy Testament 2 is a perfect storm of noise and metal.


Godflesh: Hymns Re-Release

The End Records

Release Date: Feb 19th

The debate over which Godflesh album is their best, Streetcleaner (my personal favorite) or Hymns, may rage amongst music nerds like myself, but we all have respect for both records. Originally released in 2001, Hymns is being brought back into the light by The End records in a special two-disc reissue. The original album has been re-mastered on disc one, while disc two contains bonus tracks and live material. This is a kick ass reissue for anybody who worships Godflesh, which should be all of you.


Puscifer: Donkey Punch The Night EP

Puscifer Entertainment

Release Date: Feb 19th

 Instead of getting to work on the next Tool album, singer Maynard James Keenan decides to return with another Puscifer EP. This time the band has two original songs, “Breathe” and “Dear Brother” plus two covers, Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Accept’s “Balls To The Wall”. Donkey Punch The Night will also contain remixes of the original songs and covers. I know this album is important to somebody, but seriously, it’s time for a new Tool album pronto.


Shai Hulud: Reach Beyond The Sun

Metal Blade Records

Release Date: February 19th

With only four albums in sixteen years, Shai Hulud aren’t ones to rush things. Following their 2008 album Misanthropy Pure, the Huluds are back with Reach Beyond The Sun. Stepping up with them is former vocalist and current New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert who lends not just his voice but also his production skills. Fans of melodic hardcore and post-hardcore and metalcore and all the cores will dig Shai Hulud’s latest offering. Don’t get too fuzzy though, Gilbert won’t be touring with the band.


Suffocation: Pinnacle Of Bedlam

Nuclear Blast Records

Release Date: Feb 19th

Suffocation is back. Is there anything else that needs to be said? You think you have the corner on brutal, fucked up death metal and grindcore? HA!! I say HA!! Suffocation have been bringing it hard style for years and continue to do so on Pinnacle Of Bedlam. If you don’t like Suffocation then you don’t like extreme music. Really excited for this record.


Iceage: You’re Nothing

Matador Records

Release Date: Feb 19th

I loved the last album these guys put out and this new one is another punch to the gut of punk rock. Elements of Refused, The Stooges, Joy Division and even Black Flag coalesce into a stark and elemental sound that is uniquely Iceage. Songs of desperation and bitterness are belted out, often in some bizarre key, over manic noise punk that is as creative as  it is frenetic. You’re Nothing is already a contender for my album of the year list 2013.


Darkthrone: The Underground Resistance

Peaceville Records

Release Date: Feb 26th

Once again Darkthrone navigate the murky waters between black metal, thrash and punk to give us another brutal kick to the chops. The Underground Resistance is pure Darkthrone, fans will love it and those who have never dipped a toe into the frozen lake of the band are in for a brutal slap. Nothing here shakes the Darkthrone tree, they stay pretty close to their normal work. Still, Darkthrone always mange to deliver something entertaining and truly dark. This time is no exception.


Okay folks, that’s it for this month in metal releases. Now thrust up the horns and go buy some metal!!!