Exclusive Premiere: Aleister X ‘Hxllywxxd Signs’ Video

CraveOnline premieres a pop-culture visual overload set to an infectiously electrifying jam.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Multimedia ringmaster Aleister X’s first proper full-length, Half-Speed Mastered, is set to be released on February 19th via Andrew W.K.’s Steev Mike label, and CraveOnline is kicking off anticipation of the record with the world premiere of his powerfully strange and slightly NSFW video for "Hxllywxxd Signs".

Combining elements of pop, dub, rap, all manner of good rock, and experimental music, Half-Speed Mastered takes an amalgamation of music and dark humor to a new level. Song titles include the aforementioned “LAX”, as well as “Malibu,” “California Gurls” and “Topanga Strangla”, and assemble a theme evident throughout the entire album. 

Explaining the album's overall concept, Aleister X says, "It’s meant to be a contemporary L.A. noir love affair. I love the Hollywood dark-side-of- Tinseltown vibe as well as the iconic images of bungalows, canyon houses, swimming pools and cars, weirdos, the “Boogie Nights” to "Bang Bus"-era porn industry, and Rad Culture – surfing, skateboarding, beach culture, punk, surf rock, stoner rock, west coast rap, rock and psychedelia; all the cool Southern California shit.”

Check out the CraveOnline exclusive clip for "Hxllywxxd Signs" below, so long as you're not offended by copious cannabis use, girls making out, a few bare breasts and a shit-ton of fun:

“He's absolutely one of the greatest lyricists and melody makers I've ever encountered. Amazing riffs, amazing phrases, amazing visions and imaginings… It's been powerful and life-changing to explore his shadow powers.”

—Andrew W.K.

Pre-order Half-Speed Mastered at Aleister X's official site, and keep up with him on Facebook and Twitter.