Adele Shouted at Chris Brown at the Grammys, Apparently

Adele reportedly didn't take kindly to Brown's actions at the awards ceremony.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

[Update: Adele has denied the rumor]

If there was any justice people would shout at Chris Brown wherever he went, all of the time, but because he's famous and being famous absolves you from most things outside of abusing children, the only shouting Brown hears is a constant roar of approval from his legions of adoring fangirls, all of whom are seemingly eager to feel his flesh against their flesh (his flesh being the flesh on his knuckles, and their flesh being the flesh on their cheekbones).

Typically Crave strays from reporting on tabloid conjecture, but this story may involve Chris Brown being shouted at by someone, so we felt that it was worth noting.

According to multiple sources, the above photo was taken moments after Frank Ocean received the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album at last night's (February 10th) Grammy Awards, an award which Chris Brown was also nominated for. The feud between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean that began a few weeks ago has been well documented, with the two reportedly coming to blows outside a Los Angeles recording studio after one of Brown's crew taunted the bisexual singer with a homophobic slur. So, as Ocean took to the Grammys stage to accept his award, Brown remained the only one seated amongst a host of faces giving the Channel Orange singer a standing ovation.

You stay classy, Brown.

But 'Skyfall' singer Adele apparently didn't take too kindly to Brown's lack of sportsmanship, sharing a few choice words with him after the applause had settled down. Adele reportedly "cornered" Brown and made it clear her disapproval of his actions. Because, as we all know, Brown really listens to people when they tell him that he's been a dick.

Brown, who showed up to the event with Rihanna, whom four years to that date he had hospitalised at the very same awards show after brutally assaulting her in his car, was recently accused of faking papers required to log the amount of community service he had done as punishment for attacking Rihanna. 

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