AWOLNATION Snowboard Scavenger Hunt!

Find the hidden spaceman on Crave for your chance to win a sick custom snowboard and free merch!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Ready for some awesome on a beautiful Friday? AWOLNATION have infiltrated CraveOnline and hidden a spaceman somewhere on the Music channel our site. If you can find the spaceman hidden here and elsewhere, you can win a customized AWOL Freestyle Snowboard and a bunch of signed merch! 

Somewhere in the articles beneath this one on the main music page, you'll find a cute little spaceman image, which when you click will take you to AWOLNATION's FB profile. Details will follow on tracking down five other spacemen hidden elsewhere on the web

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Click on over and see if you can spot the rockin' space voyager. Good luck!