Robbie Williams’s (Awful) New Song Calls The Brits 2013 ‘Boring’

It's a case of the pot calling the kettle black for Robbie.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro


Robbie Williams has posted a new song branding The Brit Awards 2013 boring, and anyone who watched his performance at said event is scratching their head right about now.

While Robbie may be right that Britain's premier music awards show was a little lacking this year (though we recall that being the case every year), it's difficult to take his opinion into account when his appearance on the show featured him peacocking around a stage that looked like a level from Q*bert, whilst failing to make a decision on whether or not he wanted to sing in any one particular key.


Robbie, on-stage at the Brits.

Robbie, who presented the Global Success Award to One Direction at the show, raps (yes, raps) about the award show's supposed heyday: "Coke in the box 'til seven in the morning / look the wrong way and we end up brawling / we had a bit of beef with you-know-who / and I f***ed a few female stars or two". Not entirely sure why Robbie is referring to himself using the royal "we", but there are far more complicated lyrical conundrums that Robster poses for us to solve, such as this little gem: "Now I know I got fat but make no mistake / every million I make they bake me a cake / so I've got plenty / one-hundred and twenty". It's essentially the Englishman's equivalent of Ma$e's "young, black and famous, with money hanging out the anus".

To listen to the track, titled 'The Brits 2013' and written with the help of Robbie's long-time collaborator Guy Chambers, click right here.

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