March Metal Guide: 10 Metal Albums Arriving in March

The biggest & best metal releases hitting your ears this March!

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

As March approaches, so does Spring. The days of new life, where from the ashes of a bleak winter come creations anew. It’s within that churning blood of new order that music also begins to hit a stride. January and February, while not bad months for the world of extreme music, don't hold a candle to March. We don’t often think of new life and warm regeneration as intertwined with the bleak canvas of extreme music, but look at it through the eyes of renewed creativity and you’ll understand. So much to look forward to in this month, but we've pared it down to 10 for your convenience. Here are the 10 Metal Albums Arriving in March.



Ruined Families: Blank Language

Adiago 830 Records

Release Date: March 12th

Hailing from the civil unrest of Greece, Ruined Families got all our attention with their blistering debut. Now the grind/punk outfit returns with their darkest collection of songs. Blank Language is a new level of vitriol and rage, shot from the cannon of oppression and shredding through your ears until they hang bleeding from your skull. Ruined Families are dark, pissed off and disturbing, all of which is reflected on Blank Language



Orange Goblin: A Eulogy For The Fans—Orange Goblin Live 2012

Candlelight Records

Release Date: March 12th

While Orange Goblin have a very accomplished recording career, it’s live where these guys shine. A Eulogy For The Fans is a record for those looking to capture lightening in a bottle. Not all live albums bring it, sometimes they falter on giving us the full live experience. Eulogy takes no prisoners as Goblin unleashes their slow, doom heavy music. If you’ve never experience Orange Goblin live, I suggest you pick this album up ASAP.



Napalm Death: Enemy Of The Music Business/Leaders Not Followers Re-Issue

Candlelight Records

Release Date: March 12th

Enemy Of The Music Business was the ninth studio album from Napalm Death and one of their best. It featured the last appearance of the late Jesse Pintado before he jumped ship to bring back Terrorizer. Leaders Not Followers is the covers album Napalm Death released featuring interpretations of Discharge, Cryptic Slaughter, Kreator and more. Secret Records has livened up the audio and prettied up the packaging so those who missed out originally can bask in the glow of these iconic slices of grindcore.



Anthrax: Anthems EP

Megaforce Records

Release Date: March 19th

Anthrax is no stranger to the covers record. Most famously known for giving the thrash metal reboot to Public Enemy’s “Bring The Noise”, the band also kicked out the jams with their spot-on thrash cover of Joe Jackson’s “Got The Time”. Now the elder statesmen of metal return with more cover madness. Featuring songs from Rush, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Boston and Journey, Anthems should be a nice hold over until Anthrax come back with a new assembly of original songs.



Call Of The Void: Dragged Down A Dead Path

Relapse Records

Release Date: Match 19th

From the frigid mountains of Colorado come Call Of The Void, a band that turns anger into both catharsis and art form. This is not simple spleen executed in some random spurt of rage. Oh no, Call Of The Void unleash their version of Hell by blending up crust, hardcore, grind, powerviolence and metal into a cocktail that would make Molotov weep with envy. A touch of Napalm Death, a wisp of His Hero Is Gone, and a brutal injection of their own dementia, Call Of The Void beat the listener into submission with the heavy, but not at the price of creativity.



Nails: Abandon All Life

Southern Lord Records

Release Date: March 19th

Fuck you. That’s what Nails says. Your little band is elaborating on the landscape of heavy music via your incredible ability with song structure and down tuning? Well, Nails have seventeen minutes of unbridled fury that will burn your shit to the fucking ground. Don’t even attempt to come close to what Abandon All Life is, just make your little record and try not to look at the audio version of Hell’s collapse. With only seventeen minutes of music, Nails has released on of the best albums in extreme music this year. Go on. Do better. I dare you.



Seven Sisters Of Sleep: Opium Morals

A389 Records

Release Date: March 19th

Drugged out slabs of psychedelic rock served on a heavy bass and drums platter built off a love of opiates. Seriously, how can you ever fuck with it? Sludge and doom, heavy drug riffs and slow, methodical songwriting, Seven Sisters Of Sleep align these elements to bring skyscraper steel-beam heavy songs that exist in the fog of the longest drag from the best bong ever built. If weed could choose a soundtrack, Opium Morals might be it.



Clutch: Earth Rocker

Weathermaker Records

Release Date: March 19th

I have never been much of a Clutch fan. This album could change all that. Clutch return with their dirty fuzz grooves and vocal growls, but have a new stripped down attitude. Earth Rocker is so balls out that I’m guessing the band actually recorded it with their balls out and swinging. Neil has never sounded better, the grooves are so thick a truck could topple into them; this is the Clutch record I’ve been waiting for.



Cannibal Corpse: Dead Human Collection: 25 Years Of Death Metal Box Set

Metal Blade Records

Release Date: March 19th

Cannibal Corpse has been releasing fucked up death metal with fucked up song titles for a quarter of a century. Not everybody loves them, but I do. Dead Human Collection contains all twelve full length albums, plus “Torture And Eviscerating Live” as well as 12 X 12 graphic prints of all the album covers and a 2013 Cannibal Corpse calendar. How could ask for anything else?



Kvelertak: Meir

Roadrunner Records

Release Date: March 26th

I first heard these guys when they opened for Converge. I was impressed. They blend groove metal and brutality into a nice little cohesive package. Their new album, Meir, promises to take what the band with the name you can’t pronounce does to new heights. I wasn’t as impressed with Kvelertak on album as I was live, but I have faith this record will rise to the occasion.


All right my extreme music brethren, you have been given the list, now go forth and claim the metal riches for your own.