Amy Winehouse, Elvis Presley and Blur Set For Walk of Fame

Winehouse tops the list of artists to be honoured on London's very own Walk of Fame.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro


Amy Winehouse is at the top of a list of acts likely to be honoured on the upcoming Camden Walk of Fame.

The late singer sits alongside names such as Blur, The Who and Elvis Presley who are said to soon be immortalised by the London Borough of Camden when the Walk of Fame launches later this year.

30 discs will be laid down in celebration of various music artists, with Camden hoping to mirror the cultural impact of Hollywood's own Walk of Fame. Winehouse will be one of the first artists awarded the accolade, alongside Grandmaster Flash, Gil Scott-Heron, Soul II Soul and Camden's own Madness. Led Zeppelin and Frank Sinatra are also likely to be honoured.

Concerts and special events are to be held after each unveiling, with tribute acts set to perform in place of those among the list who are deceased. Speaking to BBC News, local music promoter Lee Bennett pointed out that the Walk of Fame concerts would be the perfect opportunity to get "bands who have split up back together again".

"We hope this will be the highest accolade in music," Mr Bennett continued.

"This is an international brand not specific to Camden, but it is in Camden as we truly see it as the world's rock and roll capital."