10 MORE Goat Editions of Popular Songs

Yelling goats are taking over all music!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden


Yaaaaaaaah! Screaming goats and sheep continue their unlikely domination over the pop music landscape. It started with a handful of "Goat Edition" video mashups, but now it seems like no song is safe from the freakiest singers on the farm. Here are 10 more Goat Editions of popular songs:


Taio Cruz – "Dynamite" (Goat Edition)

I'm sorry, what do you say?


Skrillex – "First of the Year" (Goat Edition)

I wonder how many 911 calls are goats screaming like humans.


Katy Petty – "Firework" (Goat Edition)

Firework boobs make goats scream. You'd know this if you lived on a farm.


One Direction – "What Makes You Beautiful" (Goat Edition)

To be honest, I don't find goats to be as beautiful as One Direction does.


Gotye – "Somebody That I Used To Know" (Goat Edition)

Gotye. Goatye. It practically edits itself!


Nicki Minaj – "Starships" (Goat Edition)

The goats were actually in the original cut of the video.


Adele – "Rolling In The Deep" (Goat Edition)

Rolling in the deep part of the trash pile.


Eminem – "Just Lose It" (Goat Edition)

Goat Crazy.


Queen – "We Are The Champions" (Goat Edition)

They'll keep on yelling 'til the end.


Whitney Houston – "I Will Always Love You" (Goat Edition)

I will always love ewe.

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Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-In-Chief of The Devastator comedy magazine.