Power Cut From Soundwave Described As ‘Government Stunt’

Is the Western Australian State Government to blame for the Soundwave power cut?

Robert Whiteby Robert White


Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah claimed via Twitter on Wednesday that the power cut ending the festival’s leg in Perth on Monday was a stunt pulled by the Western Australian State Government.

A power cut affected the performances of a number of high profile bands towards the end of Monday’s Soundwave festival at the Claremont Showgrounds. Headliners Metallica managed to get through their entire set, however the likes of The Offspring, The Amity Affliction and Pierce the Veil were among the acts affected.

Maddah is planning to make some noise about the issue, but will wait until he has all the facts on the matter. Until then, Maddah has been fine publicly berating the Western Australian State Government for their alleged involvement.

“They wanted to hurt us, but knew that if they cut Metallica 45000 fans would set the town on fire,” Maddah wrote on Twitter. “The f**kwit from Dept Envir & Consv was too gutless to shut down the big stages … Definitely not a life or death situation. Just a power tripping State Gov arsehole by the sound of it … Bit of election grandstanding would be my guess.”

Maddah and Soundwave may not put up with the government in future despite the Perth date attracting 45,000 fans.

“Sadly if the State Government is against events coming to Perth then we can’t fight them,” Maddah wrote.

The festival had been embroiled in an argument with the State Government leading up to the Monday leg of the tour after a single noise complaint was lodged during a 2012 festival at the Claremont Showgrounds. Both the Big Day Out and Soundwave festivals were given a 10pm curfew , forcing schedule reshuffles not seen at anywhere else in the country.

More to come.

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