Exclusive: Stream Chosen’s ‘Resolution’ Album In Its Crushing Entirety

If Meshuggah and Nevermore had an outrageously awesome musical child, it would be Chosen - listen to an exclusive album stream on CraveOnline!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


"Crushing power" are the two words that immediately come to mind when first hearing Irish two-piece duo Chosen, a band who builds on the best of what fans love about Meshuggah and Nevermore for a devastatingly excellent sound. Their debut full-length Resolution arrives tomorrow (March 30), and in another exciting exclusive CraveOnline is excited to premiere the entire album a day early for your brutally eager ears!

Recorded at the prestigious Westland Studios with producer extraordinaire Alwyn Walker at the helm, Chosen's debut album Resolution will be available for free download tomorrow, directly from the band's website. Comprised of David McCann on drums and percussion and Paul Shields on vocals and guitars, the duo produce a level of versatility and intricacy in their sonic assault that stands tall alongside seasoned veterans of the game. Guttural, throat-shredding vocals, confoundingly complex and exhilarating riffs and beats and an excellent production value up the ante on what the music world should be expecting from ambitious newcomers.

Listen to Resolution in its entirety below, exclusively on CraveOnline!

In addition to free MP3s, Resolution will also be available in two exclusive Limited Edition hardcopy formats. Keep up with the band at the following links:

Chosen.ie | Facebook| Twitter | Youtube | Reverbnation | Soundcloud | Bandcamp