Coachella 2013: Heineken Dome Lineup/Schedule Announced

Get your dance on while you wait in line to spend all your money on overpriced liquid that will make you feel like hell in the Coachella sun.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Heineken is a ubiquitous presence at Coachella these days, having been the long-running exclusive beer sponsor for the annual festival in Indio, CA. The responsibility of serving the festival's 80,000-plus daily attendees in the blazing desert is no small one, especially when the parched revelers are spending a week's pay on one 16-ounce brew. Folks can get a bit testy when waiting in what amounts to an open oven for a severely overpriced beverage that will further dehydrate them.

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The beer company's domes will feature an assortment of music over both Coachella weekends, with DJ sets planned to accompany a feature that allows fans to play with iPads on-site that affect the lighting patterns projected onto the dome. 

Heineken is also providing cold storage for campers, according to Huffington Post. Concertgoers who are camping on the adjacent campgrounds now have the opportunity to store their beer in a cooler that is only accessible by their own fingerprint. Technology!

The DJ lineup for the domes can be found below – check out our full Coachella coverage, and we'll see you on the fields!