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Sasquatch 2013: 13 Must-See Bands

A baker's dozen acts you'd be crazy to miss at Sasquatch 2013!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Headed to Sasquatch 2013 but still don't know who to see over the four-day run? We can't blame you – it's a pretty awesome lineup – but CraveOnline's got you covered! Check out our list of must-see acts at this year's fest at The Gorge in Washington, and follow along with the set times as you go to plan the best musical weekend possible! 



The Minneapolis native and founding member of the Doomtree collective is back after a prolonged period of downtime to handle some health issues, and we're damned excited to see the return of the man responsible for CraveOnline's #1 album of 2012. The record, called We Don't Even Live Here, is a facegrind down the pissed and littered alleyways of America's cannibal culture through a beast-bounce track trip, with lyrical molotov-slingshot surprises blasting across an anarchist's party playlist. If you're not familiar, trust this crazy music snob and give it a spin. Then meet us in the pit for his set on Monday!


Sigur Ros

Yeah, we can't understand a damn thing they're saying either, but the ethereal beauty in the sound of this Icelandic outfit is downright majestic. Add to that a breathtaking light show, and you've got an absolutely perfect ending to Saturday night's festivities. Just watch out for the girls in the crowd bawling their eyes out and guys tripping balls, jaws agape.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Raise your hand if you were in the same boat as us six months ago, thinking "Thrift Shop" was the sign of a one-hit wonder hitting minute fourteen on their moment of fame. The played-out parodies of the novelty smash track gave way to the powerful anti-hate song "Same Love," however, and after that Macklemore struck again with the infectiously awesome "Can't Hold Us". This is a completely independent artist who has achieved full-on real mainstream success, playing by his own rules. The Heist, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' latest album, is the step into Summer you're looking for on the way to Sasquatch this year.


Death Grips

Our own Iann Robinson said it best: "Death Grips rip the skin off of Hip Hop and expose the cancer of complacency allowing a genre that once spit out Public Enemy to now be responsible for Lil Wayne and the rest of what passes for Hip Hop today. This is a solid blow to the status quo from underground Hip Hop that isn’t boring or mired in bad impressions of Kool Keith. Nobody in Death Grips is getting off on being cute or clever, they’re too busy stomping your face in with sheer awesomeness."

Do not miss these monsters of the stage. 


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Brooding soul-folk rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are six albums deep in a leather-clad groove of hypnotic goodness. With a revitalized energy in new(ish) drummer Leah Shaprio, an assortment of new horizons for the band have unfolded in recent years, and it's been fantastic to watch the trio – Peter Hayes and Robert Levon Been, alongside Shapiro – evolve into seasoned stage pros from shoegazy contenders. 



Jordan Cook, better known as Reignwolf, tore the roof off the place at CraveOnline's SXSW music showcase this year, and took an electrified wrecking ball to the tired, rickety claims that "rock n' roll is dead". One moment coyly creeping to the mic and the next a raw fit of gnashing teeth, roaring howls and a blur of flying hair, Reignwolf delivers a conversion sermon of pure rock fury that must be experienced. A live Reignwolf show is a bloodlust-roaring blues solo freakout, an unforgettable dose of precisely the kind of rock music needs in 2013. With uncompromising passion, untethered talent and a long future ahead, there's no stopping Mr. Cook – get on this train before he hits the stratosphere.


Capital Cities

Los Angeles-based electro-pop outfit Capital Cities are rapidly making a name for themselves with vibrant, high-energy live shows and their self-titled debut EP. Besides, you already know who they are – these are the guys behind that uplifting & catchy "Safe and Sound" jam all over the radio. They're riding a high wave of anticipation for their new album In a Tidal Wave of Mystery (in stores June 4), and now's the time to get in on these promising cats.


Arctic Monkeys

Having established a cult-like following and rock cred to stand against the biggest names out there, these young Brits have proven that there’s a lot more to their story than looking good on the dancefloor. A tectonic shift in their sound came after the band ventured into the California desert with Queens of The Stone Age frontman Joshua Homme, who produced their 2009 album Humbug, and they've been in a downright scary groove ever since. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed had somehow transformed into a brooding psychedelic-laced brand of rock that possessed impossibly catchy riffs and the popped-collar cool of a '50s greaser. They're the perfect addition to a festival lineup.




English indie rockers Alt-J, named for the triangle that appears when pressing "Alt" and "J" on a Mac, are hitting new heights of popularity with a folk-inflected dub-pop hybrid that hits right home in the EDM world as well as those pushing the boundary walls of modern rock. Early singles "Matilda" and "Fitzpleasure" are good indicators of the group's full-length studio debut, 2012's An Awesome Wave, and their sets at Coachella 2013 were downright awesome. Check out our current favorite track, "Breezeblocks," below.


Red Fang

They're fun as hell to see onstage, they rock like monsters and they couldn't be cooler in person. Red Fang are one of the most slept-on bands in rock today, and we're thrilled to have the chance to see 'em at the Gorge this year. Portland power metal with a slice of Queens of The Stone Age groove makes for a magnificent way to give yourself whiplash in the beautiful Spring sunshine. The only catch? They're playing at exactly the same time as Reignwolf, another of our must-see Sasquatch 2013 artists. Cruel, cruel world.



Vancouver's Japandroids continue to crush everywhere they go, and seeing the hysteria surrounding their SXSW set last March, we're comfortable hanging back a bit in the crowd this time around – but we're sure not going to miss it. This two-piece sounds like ten when they hit their full stride, and it's best to prepare yourself for one of the only real pits you're going to see among the hippies at the Gorge – they bring the fury.


The Postal Service

The digi-blip emo duo of Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) and Jimmy Tamberello (Dntel) surprised us all this year with a reunion, and their Coachella performances were warm baths of soft-sigh nostalgia. It's good to finally see some proper live shows behind their addictive 2003 electro-indie record Give Up, but there's no telling how long this little victory lap will last, so make sure to catch it while you can. They're headlining Monday night, so there's a good chance you'll have to choose between the gentle stroll down memory lane or getting on the road before it turns into a sea of brakelights. 



On his 2011 album Together/Apart, Grieves showed a new maturity and a break from the more juvenile flavors of his past for his Rhymesayers debut. Melancholic rhymes over deliciously minimalist slow-drip production combines for an atmospheric weight that depicts the lyrics’ hardships and heartbreaks, but isn’t mired in negativity and gloom. Years of relentless touring and dedication to the craft have yielded a strong balance of sound and a promising new chapter in the career of the man born as Benjamin Laub. We can't wait to see him onstage again.


Nick Offerman

‚ÄčNick Offerman

That's right! Ron Swanson will be in the house as part of Sasquatch's comedy element. As the hilariously staunch conservative with a heart of gold on NBC's "Parks & Recreation," Offerman’s deadpan humor has made him a fixture in television culture. He's been in a ton of movies as well, including 21 Jump Street and Men Who Stare at Goats. Wherever that crazy-awesome mustache goes, we will follow – and that apparently means we'll be laughing our asses off at the Chupacabra stage on Saturday night.


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