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November 2011 Music Guide

Decemberists, Chris Cornell, Rihanna, Florence & The Machine and much more! All the music releases you need this month!


There's a ton of new music releases for November 2011, and with a barrage of reissues, solo records and special releases, it's a damn good thing there's someone out there helping guide us through it all!

With new offerings from Rihanna, The Decemberists, Chris Cornell, Drake, Florence & The Machine and yes, even Metallica/Lou Reed's ill-fated Lulu project, we've got quite a bit to get through this month! To help you stay on top of it all we've compiled a list of all the major releases you should have on your radar. We're covering all the musical bases so none of the awesome slips through the cracks!


Metallica & Lou Reed – Lulu

Release Date: November 1

Label: Warner Bros/Vertigo

What's the deal? On its face, it's an odd union of two iconic cross-generational powerhouses (even if in name only), for no discernible reason other than to send one act off into his accelerating decomposition on a power-chord buzz. Nevermind the references to high art from a century ago – if it stands as a matter of personal indulgence in creative experimentation, it stands as an inside-joke that pitifully few will appreciate. It's a club-handed ode to high art from a century ago, translated for the hordes of morebetterfasterNOW.

Why should you care?Caring is relative. There is no escaping what Lulu truly is: the single worst mash-up record ever made.

Link me: Read our review.


Megadeth – TH1RT3EN

Release Date: November 1

Label: Roadrunner

What's the deal? Dave Mustaine & Co. are back with their thirteenth album, the last album in Megadeth’s contract with Roadrunner and first to feature returning co-founder David Ellefson in a decade. A hotly anticipated return for the thrash stalwarts is a solid, if slightly underwhelming, affair.

Why should you care?Because this one's actually pretty solid. Endgameproducer Andy Sneap wasn’t available and his absence is noticeable, replaced by Johnny K (Disturbed, 3 Doors Down, Trapt), and as a result lacks the aggressive immediacy and high-energy attack of Sneap’s work. Nevertheless, it maintains a character all its own, with a blizzard of shred and no sign of aging among the members, nearly all of whom are pretty long in the tooth these days.

Link me: Megadeth.com


Florence & The Machine – Ceremonials

Release Date: November 1

Label: Island

What's the deal?  The album is noted for having a larger, more baroque pop sound than its predecessor, with a massively lush & orchestral sound. A sonic cathedral of enchanting emerald forest wood-nymph mating serenades, this is the kind of shit that Enya breakdances to.

Why should you care?Reviews are consistently positive across the board, but know this – it whups the hell out of of Lungs. The dog days are most certainly over, and if you can get down with the possessed goddess beat-chants of "Bedroom Hymns," you're my kind of cat.

Link me: http://florenceandthemachine.net/


The Decemberists – Long Live The King

Release Date: November 1

Label: Capitol

What's the deal?  This odds and ends collection of leftovers from the band's The King is Dead sessions are mostly acoustic Americana-based material. In addition to five original numbers from The Decemberists, Long Live The King will feature a cover of the Grateful Dead’s 1973 opus "Row Jimmy".

Why should you care?Look, damnit. I'm moving to Portland. There's a clear bias in play here, but The Decemberists are one of the most cerebrally fantastic folk-rock bands in existence. Have a listen for yourself before picking up the jams – but you won't regret the buy.

Link me: http://decemberists.com/


U2 – Achtung Baby Reissue (deluxe, vinyl, super deluxe and uber deluxe versions)

Release Date: November 1

Label: Island

What's the deal? U2 is going all out to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Achtung Baby, with massive reissue sets that include previously unheard material and a wealth of special-edition goods enough to satiate any superfan. The 20 Years of Achtung Baby project arrives in five different formats, including unreleased material and the new documentary From the Sky Down, directed by Oscar-winner Davis Guggenheim.

Why should you care?Because Achtung Baby is one of the greatest albums ever made, that's why. The Kindergarten disc, essentially an early version of Achtung Baby. The best of the unheard tracks may be "Down All the Days," an early version of "Numb" with Bono on vocals instead of the Edge. Oh yeah, and we're giving away a Super Deluxe Box Set for free!

Link me: http://www.u2.com/


Sigur Ros, Rihanna, Chris Cornell & much more on Page 2!


Sigur Ros – INNI

Release Date: November 7

Label: XL Recordings

What's the deal? The live album Inni – a first for the band – is comprised of the full set from alexandra palace, played in order with just one omission, and clocks in at one-and-three-quarter hours. recorded by sigur rós' in-house studio engineer birgir jón birgisson, inni's live audio recording is far and away the best way of replicating the full-force effect of standing in front of sigur rós for an evening.

Why should you care? Because a 75-minute film and 105-minute double live album of the band captured in full flow at the close of their last tour in November 2008,

Link me: http://www.sigur-ros.co.uk/


David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time

Release Date: November 8

Label:  Sunday Best Recordings/PIAS America

What's the deal? The surrealist director's LP has arrived in its full stream glory thanks to NPR. Written, performed and produced by Lynch with engineer Dean Hurley, the album finds him moving through a series of dark dreams and visceral meditations on modern life and society.

Why should you care? Because David Lynch leaves a trail of awesome in his wake wherever he goes, that's why. And what we've heard so far is highly promising.

Link me: http://www.amazon.com/Crazy-Clown-Time-David-Lynch/dp/B005N0C082


Noel Gallagher – High Flying Birds

Release Date: November 8

Label: Sour Mash

What's the deal? Noel Gallagher has officially kicked off his post-Oasis solo venture with the promising release of his High Flying Birds project. With Beatle-esque songcrafting and a warmth of expertise in delivery, the less rambunctious Gallagher makes a solid impact on his own.

Why should you care? We finally have a tentative answer as to who’s got the more promising splinter in the great Oasis split. Eat your heart out Beady Eye.

Link me: http://www.noelgallagher.com/


Drake – Take Care

Release Date: November 15

Label: Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Republic

What's the deal? Take Careis the second studio album by Canadian sensation Drake, including features from his mentor Lil Wayne, as well as Rihanna, Outkast impresario Andre 3000, Young Money partner Nicki Minaj and Miami rapper Rick Ross. In addition, four of the tracks were co-written with rising Toronto singer the Weeknd, and he features on one.

Why should you care?Well, I'm a bit torn on that answer. But Lil Wayne raves, "I don't know nothing else out there that can touch it, including my stuff. That kid is on another planet."

Link me: http://www.drizzydrake.org/


R.E.M – Part Lies, Part Heart, part Truth, Part Garbage: 1982-2011

Release Date: November 15

Label: Warner Bros.

What's the deal? Recently disbanded alt-rock legends R.E.M. will release their first career-spanning retrospective Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage: 1982-2011 on November 15th. Few details of the set have emerged, but Rolling Stone has confirmed that the compilation will include a handful of tracks recorded this year after the completion of the band's final album, Collapse Into Now.

Why should you care?If you've got any allegiance to the early-90s pre-emo icons, this is a terrific final send-off for a band that spanned nearly 20 years' worth of heart-centered greatness.

Link me: http://remhq.com/index.php


Nickelback – Here & Now

Release Date: November 21

Label: Roadrunner

What's the deal? Produced by the band, the set is the follow-up to 2008’s Dark Horse, which sold more than 3 million copies in the U.S. alone. The band recorded the album in Mountain View Studios in Vancouver. Frontman Chad Kroeger said in a statement, “We entered the studio this year with a vision, and it all came together. We’re extremely happy with the results.”

Why should you care?Unless you're from Canada, you absolutely should not.

Link me: http://www.nickelback.com/


Rihanna – Talk That Talk

Release Date: November 18

Label: Def Jam

What's the deal? The Bajan beauty returns with her sixth album, packed with collaborations said to include J.Cole, Nicki Minaj, Cheryl Cole, Big Sean and more.

Why should you care?Rihanna has had a damn fine run of hits so far, and the pace doesn't seem to be slowing at all. “I think we got two smashes. We should have four,” said the singer-songwriter. “The normal goal of somebody like me that’s this intense is just to knock everybody off the album that I can. That doesn’t really mean in a bad way. It’s just how I have to psyche myself up [to make great music].”

Link me: http://www.rihannanow.com/


Yelawolf – Radioactive

Release Date: November 21

Label: Ghet-O-Vision, DGC, Interscope, Shady

What's the deal? The Great White Hype finally delivers his debut, with the Alabama rhyme slinger angling hard & schmoozing heavy in hopes of being the next big Hip-Hop superstar. Rather than step to Eminem's white-boy rap throne with a challenge, he invites the monster that is Marshall Mathers. If you can't beat 'em, beg 'em to be on your record…

Why should you care?The Source gave the record an A, but they're catching hell for it. With feature appearances from Eminem, Kid Rock, Fefe Dobson, Lil Jon and more, the star power's there. But is the quality? We're not sure yet.

Link me: http://www.yelawolf.com/splash/


Chris Cornell – Songbook (Live Recordings)

Release Date: November 21

Label: Universal

What's the deal? Universal Music will distribute the set, which will feature Cornell’s solo music as well as a handful of tracks from albums he’s made with Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog and a few obligatory covers. Additionally, Cornell’s new song "The Keeper," off the soundtrack to the movie Machine Gun Preacher, will close the album.

Why should you care?Because the man is among the greatest voices of our time, and he's hit an artistic highwater mark these days. Soundgarden fans will appreciate the stripped down approach, Audioslave fans will love the revived tracks from the defunct project, and everyone else will enjoy a hearty sampling of covers & originals, mixed by Alain Johannes of Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures.

Link me: http://chriscornell.com