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Watch Aesop Rock’s New ‘Cycles To Gehenna’ Remix Video

A ballerina dances in the dark over a staggered spitfire-flow remix that's well worth your time.


I'm usually the last person to throw on a remix track, much less bring it to the world with a seal of approval – by and large, remixes seem like little more than half-ass attention grabs. Aesop Rock turns all that on its ear, however, with his new video for the Zavala remix of "Cycles To Gehenna" off his new album Skelethon. The video is relatively simplistic in itself, but pairs beautifully with the track as a shadow-washed ballerina flutters about along with the sounds. 

Download track: http://bit.ly/Vv1Qnh
Buy Skelethon: http://bit.ly/12hiufB
Buy tickets for the Aesop Rock Jan. 2013 Tour: http://bit.ly/TYW79A