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Sasquatch 2013 Survival Guide: 10 Tips To Rocking The Gorge

A few important rules to remember for making the most of your festival experience this weekend at Sasquatch 2013!

Headed to the wilderness of Washington for Sasquatch 2013 this weekend? CraveOnline is headed up to catch Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Arctic Monkeys, POS, Mumford & Sons, Alt J, Cake and many more – get in the festival spirit with our list of 13 Must-See Bands at Sasquatch 2013, as well as our Sasquatch 2013 Spotify playlist!

Naturally, the key to an awesome Sasquatch experience is preparation. Here are a few things you should keep in mind in order to make sure your Sasquatch weekend is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible!

Sasquatch 2013


numbers_set_10Get there early – with a full gas tank

Sure, the 9-5 grind will get in the way of this one, but if you can cut out a few hours ahead of schedule to get there as early as possible on Friday, you'll save yourself an impossibly long wait to get in. Getting caught in the gridlock of last-minute camper arrivals and day trippers means you're gonna have a bad time – and that's no way to kick off your Sasquatch experience!

Whatever the case, the coming and going of the vehicular masses is going to burn fuel like there's no tomorrow, so make sure you fill up entirely before heading out to The Gorge.


numbers_set_09Bring toilet paper

Look. It's a gross detail, but you're hours from the closest town, and the port-a-potties are a disgusting mess by midday on Day Two at Sasquatch. History tells us that, on occasion, toilet paper can become the most valuable and desperately sought-after commodity at a weekend music festival. Do yourself a favor and don't leave the most intimate necessities to chance. Bring more than a few rolls of toilet paper as backup – you'd be amazed at the gratitude and goodwill complete strangers will show just by looking out for your fellow man – or woman. Be prepared.


numbers_set_08Don't drink till the sun goes down  

The fastest way to dehydrate yourself is to start throwing 'em back while the sun's shining down on you. Once the day starts to cool off, you can partake in the glory of a $300 drink. But there's a reason you see dozens of faceplanted fools down for the count before Day Two even kicks off – party when it's time to party.


numbers_set_07Moderate your intake

Stumbling drunk into tents on the campground is no way to pick up chicks. Not only that, but it would be a good idea to steer clear of the temptation to moonwalk in front of cops while chugging a bottle of Jack Daniel's. This isn't a frat party, and you're in it for the long haul. Also, make sure you don't share – people caught providing alcohol to those without wristbands will be immediately kicked out of the festival. Know your limits, and…


numbers_set_06Get some sleep!

No matter what you put in your body, four days in the sun is gonna take its toll. Clock at least 5-6 hours of sleep each night, so you can be refreshed and raring to go in the morning. And by morning, we mean mid-afternoon. 

numbers_set_05Bring your own food 

Don't want to break the bank on nasty festival grub? Sasquatch lets you bring your own food, which also happens to be a godsend for those extra recreational goodies. Pack enough for you and a friend each day, and save yourself some serious cash. Besides, how much greasy chow mein and cafeteria pizza can you really stomach in one weekend?


numbers_set_04Be smart about your stash

Be smart about what you do decide to bring. It's a much more relaxed atmosphere at Sasquatch than, say, the TSA-shaming entrypoints at Coachella, but being casual about broadcasting your recreational plans could result in a very bad day for you. And no matter how good the deal sounds, don't buy anything on the fields or at the campsite but what grows naturally: you never know what you're getting.


numbers_set_03Make a schedule, do your homework 

Evil scheduling conflicts mean you will inevitably miss some performances you'll wish you had seen, but if you plan ahead you can cut down on the missed moments. For a little cheat-sheet assistance, check out our 13 Must-See Bands at Sasquatch 2013, as well as our Sasquatch 2013 Spotify playlist, where you can sample the music and see if something new catches your ear.


numbers_set_02Charge up! Bring backup! 

Your phone battery is going to deplete faster than you can say, "Wait, I'm not finished uploading that pic of the Arctic Monkeys having a battle royal with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club!" Twitter, Instagram and Facebook apps are energy vampires that will leave you digitally stranded in no time.

Keep your charger on you, and consider taking the cheap leap into the world of portable chargers. There will be charging stations for mobile devices set up in various locations. Use them as often as you can – you don't want technology failing on you at the worst possible time.


numbers_set_01 Hoodies, jackets, ponchos, oh my!

Make sure you're packing extra layers, because local weather forecasters are predicting mid-forties temperatures once the sun goes down at The Gorge. Poncho up to be fully prepared in the event of rain, or even the occasional hailstorm! Tank tops and shorts are great in the daytime, but it's not easy to rock out when you're freezing your ass off. Furthermore, it's nigh-impossible to work any mojo with the ladies when your entire body looks like frozen chicken skin.


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