Kickball Injury Saves 9-Year-Old Boy’s Life

A young boy's minor head injury led to a discovery that saved his life.

max-millerby max-miller

There usually isn’t much benefit from being hit in the head with a rubber ball (aside from it being captured on video and garnering a ridiculous number of views on You Tube).

A little boy in Fairland, Ind., however, found himself pretty lucky to be on the receiving end of a blow to the head. Earlier this month, Jacob Holdaway, 9, was enjoying his Fourth of July by taking part in a game of kickball when the ball struck him in the head.

His family originally assumed he was OK and shook it off until a few days later when Jacob started to have severe headaches and began to vomit. His parents took him to the hospital where they told doctors about the blow to the head that took place during the holiday.

When Jacob’s doctors took a look, they discovered that there was no trauma from that incident itself, but they did find a significant mass — about the size of a golf ball — residing in his brain. Jacob was immediately rushed into surgery where doctors were able to remove as much of the mass as they could.

A small amount wrapped around a nerve had to be left untouched and although his doctors believe it is benign, it could still have malignant behaviors, so Jacob will have to start chemotherapy shortly. Jacob and his family have since received support and well wishes from strangers via Facebook. They are thankful that the kickball incident occurred:

“The doctor told us this is something he’s probably had for a while. If he hadn’t got hit in the head, who knows what would have happened?” Jacob’s mother said.