Man Redoes Brother’s Room as Little Girl’s Bedroom After Facebook Prank

A valuable lesson on why not to mess with someone's Facebook profile

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

This should deter all of you out there from ever messing with someone else’s Facebook account, especially if it’s someone who has access to your house.

On July 4, this Dutch man had his Facebook profile completely altered by his younger brother. The fake profile was embarrassing and made him look foolish in front of all his virtual friends, so revenge was planned immediately. But it was taken offline.

This man decided to completely redo his brother’s bedroom. Out went the Nirvana posters, in came the Justin Bieber posters. Pink paint everywhere. Feminine products in all the drawers. No detail was overlooked. It will take a very long time to get things back to normal, if that even happens at all. As the best part of the video shows, the punked brother admits that he’s probably too lazy to ever change things back to how they were.

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