Social Experiment: Asking Guys For Sex

You'd be surprised how often the answer is "no."

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors

This video comes courtesy of the YouTube prank team Whatever. The group wanted to figure out how guys would react when asked outright to have sex with a stranger. The brave subject of the video, Andrea, induced many different reactions, from awkward giggling to calling the police. In the end, it was an even split between guys who would be willing to immediately go have intercourse with a complete stranger and guys who were wary from the moment the indecent proposal was offered.

Let this be a lesson to all of you women out there who think that men are just sex-starved maniacs who will hop into bed with anything that moves. This is a very attractive woman offering up a quickie and yet only half the men jumped at the opportunity. The other half thought rationally about the situation before making their decision.

You can even learn from the guys who are ready to get down on the spot. Sure, it’s not safe. And sure, if this were a realistic scenario there’s a chance someone trying to drag a man off the streets and into the bedroom would be up to no good. But at least these men know what they want and are willing to act. The lack of hesitation shows a solid grasp of their convictions.

So yeah, there are different types of men out there, just like there are different types of women. Some people only care about hooking up and will take their chances on anyone. Other guys seem interested in more than just a one-night (or in this case, afternoon) stand.

Who knew we could learn so much about society from an over-friendly woman in jean shorts?

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