Florida Man Arrested for Sexting Naked Photos of Himself to Police

He really misread the situation.

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler

Apparently, even in Florida, sexting pictures of yourself wearing lingerie to a male officer is something that is frowned upon.

According to the Naples Daily News, Paul Arnold Kirleis was arrested on Sunday and charged with stalking and prohibition of certain acts in connection with obscene, lewd materials after doing just that.
Florida man sexts cops nude photos
Marco Island police said Kirleis initially called them to report a suspicious vehicle in his neighborhood. One of their officers responded to him on his department-issued cell phone, but he began receiving texts and suggestive photos from Kirleis shortly thereafter.

The first photo was of “a man in a black thong and nothing else.” That one was followed by a picture of a nude Kirleis allegedly bent over and looking back at the camera. The third picture again featured a man resembling Kirleis bent over and looking back at the camera, but this time, he was wearing lingerie.

Following the three photos, the officer received a text from Kirleis that simply read “Sooo.”

Sooo, he was arrested.

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