Watch This California Mayor Throw Dog Poop Onto His Neighbor’s Property

That's not how you win votes.

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler

The mayor of San Marino might be in, well, deep shit after a surveillance camera captured him throwing a bag of dog poop onto a neighbor’s property.

According to CBS LA, Mayor Dennis Kneier admitted to throwing a bag of dog feces onto Philip Lao’s walkway recently, but only after Lao’s surveillance system captured him in the act of doing it.

Dennis Kneier might currently be in charge of running the city of San Marino, but it’s pretty obvious after watching this video that his wife is in charge of running him. Watch at the ten-second mark as she makes him walk at a distance behind her and then tells him where to throw the bag.

In a written apology, Kneier said he just grew tired of carrying a bag of dog poop that somebody else had thrown on the ground, and “in a moment of stupidity,” he threw it on the walkway.

But Lao thinks Kneier threw the bag on his property because he has vocally opposed the creation of a dog park in nearby Lacy Park and has “No Poop Zone” signs posted in his yard. While he has declined pressing charges for the time being, he has hired a lawyer and is thinking of “pursuing harassment.”

Lao also said he still has the bag of dog poop in his possession and plans on bringing it to a future council meeting, and that’s pretty disgusting.

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