Fake Tough Guy Motorcyclist Attacks Reporter on Camera, Gets Exactly What He Deserves

Karma can be a real...well, you know how the phrase ends.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

Let us introduce you to one of the stupidest human beings you will ever see. This motorcyclist was caught on camera by a local news reporter going the wrong way off an on-ramp. What he did next is truly astonishing. The fake tough guy hopped off his bike to verbally abuse the reporter and his camera man.

So first karma strikes and the guy gets busted by the cops, who were watching all of this transpire. Then his true stupidity shines through. This guy was driving without insurance on a suspended license. You’d think someone riding around like that would avoid drawing any sort of attention to himself on the road. This guy did just the opposite. Now he’s walking home.