Ryan Gosling Laces Up For ‘Logan’s Run’

After countless days in Development Hell, 'Logan's Run's' hand is finally flashing.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Ryan Gosling Laces Up For 'Logan's Run'

The Logan’s Run remake is finally getting back on track: after years of languishing in Development Hell with directors like Bryan Singer and Carl Rinsch attached the project, the sci-fi remake has a new director and star attached and is gearing up for production in the fall. Nicholas Winding Refn has been tapped to direct the science fiction tale of a future in which nobody is allowed to live past their 30th birthday. 30-year-old Blue Valentine star Ryan Gosling will star as Logan, who has decided to, well… run.

This will be the second collaboration for Refn and Gosling, whose first film – the stunt-driving actioner Drive – is set for release later this year. Nicholas Winding Refn has previously directed such acclaimed independent films as Bronson (starring The Dark Knight Rises‘ Tom Hardy) and the viking epic Valhalla Rising. Gosling’s an Academy Award nominee for his exceptional work in Half Nelson, but we’re a little concerned about him in this role. He turns 31 on November 12th, and he seems like one of those intense method actors, so we hope he doesn’t take the role too far this time…

Oh crap, I’m turning 30 in a year. I hope I live to see this remake in theaters. Until then, CraveOnline will keep running Logan’s news as makes a break for it.