Spider-Man Joins The FF

Everyone's favorite wall crawler joins the surviving Fantastic Four members in a new ongoing series.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Spider-Man Joins The FF

It looks like Spider-Man’s appearance in the next (and final) issue of the Fantastic Four won’t just be a cameo. According to Marvel, Peter Parker is joining the team for the long haul.

With the demise of the Human Torch, the surviving Fantastic Four members, Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman and The Thing will be teaming up with Spider-Man to form the Future Foundation, or the FF. And their new mission statement is to protect the universe from its greatest threats in the present and the future. Additionally, there are some currently unannounced characters who will also be members of the team.

“FF will alter the very fabric of the Marvel Universe,” said Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Publishing, Tom Brevoort. “Jonathan [Hickman] and Steve [Epting] have crafted a unique, powerful new series that’s going to surprise a lot of fans with its combination of mind-blowing ideas and visuals.”

Marvel also posted the character designs from artist Marko Djurdjevic, along with commentary from Brevoort.

"The point of these new costumes is to really hammer home that everything is fresh and new in the series again — and that it feels like a black-and-white world, following Johnny’s death. Marko Djurdjevic took my suggestion of ‘white outfits’ and ran with it. The hexogonal emblems were all him."

This isn’t the first time that Marvel has toyed with the idea of Spider-Man joining the Fantastic Four, which was most famously used as the premise for the first issue of What If back in 1977.

However, this will be the first time that Spidey has signed on to the team on a full time basis. With his membership on this team as well as both The Avengers and New Avengers, Spider-Man only has to join one more team to match Wolverine’s current total.

FF #1 will debut in March, with Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting as the regular creative team. The covers will be done by Epting, Daniel Acuna, Stan Goldberg and Marko Djurdjevic.


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