Our Favorite Super Bowl: Super Bowl XLIII

The Steelers beat the Cardinals in an epic throwdown that sent me flying off the couch.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Our Favorite Super Bowl: Super Bowl XLIII

I was asked recently to name the SuperBowl that stood out the most for me personally and immediately SuperBowl XLIII sprung to mind. The why is obvious, it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers (I am a Steelers fan, as any who follow my writings can attest to), the Pittsburgh Steelers vs the Arizona Cardinals to be exact, and it was as exciting a game as you will ever see.

Being born in the mid-seventies, I can’t claim intimate knowledge of a Steelers SuperBowl from that era, though I have watched as many specials and read up on them as much as my limited free time permits, so I have to draw on recent success for my most vivid Steelers moments. SuperBowl XLIII was so vivid and meaningful to me for a variety of reasons, with the first and foremost being it was the most exciting game I ever watched and it validated my fandom to the ultimate degree.

It was a magical game filled with some of the most memorable plays ever to be seen in the big game. From James Harrison’s 100 yard interception return to Big Ben’s 80+ yard drive to win the game, this game had more WOW moments that any in my history. When Roethlisberger hit Holmes in the corner of the endzone with 30 odd seconds left, a throw that no other quarterback in the league could have made, I leaped out of my chair with the most enthusiasm and sheer joy I’ve ever felt in one moment (no disrespect intended to my family and our happy moments but it’s my Steelers and you understand).

It also erased the taint that the Steelers win over the Seahawks in SuperBowl XL left in my mouth. I know this seems a little vain, considering there are fans and teams that have not made or won a championship, but that win didn’t leave me feeling proud of my team. It was almost like they won by default or something, and I was left with this nagging sense of unease that muted my elation. I guess when you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, you can be critical of a SuperBowl win and get away with it, as crazy as that sounds.

SuperBowl XLIII however, left me with no feeling of disappointment. 

I can only hope that this years matchup between the Steelers and the Packers is half as good as that one. It has all the earmarks of a classic, a classic that my boy are going to take with authority of course, and I’ve already made sure that there is plenty of room by my couch for jumping around time once we win number 7.

And we will win…sorry, cheeseheads.