DCU Online Updated in February, Catwoman Introduced

During the middle of a full-scale Brainiac invasion, Catwoman has the time to rob a museum. What a bitch!

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

DCU Online Updated in February, Catwoman Introduced

This month Sony Online Entertainment plans to unleash their first batch of fresh content for DC Universe Online. So if you were worried your $15/month wouldn’t get you much besides the baseline launch software, think again.

February’s update will see the release of not only a new story mission, but will also see a new duo and PVP zone added to the DC Comics MMO.

"What’s happening in February is more like what’s happening going forward — we’re going to just keep growing the thing," says Chris Cao, DCUO game director.

The story mission being added involves everyone’s favorite feline thief, Catwoman. You’ll race to Gotham Museum where you’ll find Catwoman robbing the joint. However, things go wrong and some of the people inside the museum get turned into lions and tigers (oh my!) which you’ll end up fighting.


Other Catwoman-centric content being added with the update include Catwoman as a playable character in “Play as Iconic” PVP, a multiplayer race where you chase the cat-inspired temptress, and new loot in the form of “ancient Mayan Armor” and “Cat Burglar” gear.

Furthermore, with February being the host to Valentine’s Day and all, DCU Online will celebrate the occasion by having the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, introducing a number of fountains across Metropolis. Entering one of these fountains will transport you to a 100-man instance where you’ll play as a cherub. You’ll be able to collect hearts for completing races, participating in PVP and performing other actions that you can purchase Valentine’s Day themed goodies with to give to other players. There will also be a new four-player boss fight with the Goddess of Love, Devotion and Scorn, as well as a new Harlequin suit and the ability to earn and give out “be mine” cards for Feat Points.

With the February update also comes a new two-player duo featuring Bane. Gotham City will receive a new PVP zone, as well as an eight-player raid zone found within the Batcave. Here you’ll fight alongside Batman against Brainiac and Brother Eye. Finally, Auction Houses will go live in the Hall of Justice and Hall of Doom for players to sell, buy and trade items on a game-wide scale.

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