“Snoop Bowl IX” Hosted by Snoop Dogg Is Back!

Snoop's youth will take on the TRUTH kids and Deion Sanders in Snoop Bowl IX.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Most people know Snoop Dogg for dropping fat beats that make everyone enjoy the party.  For those of you sports fans out there that think he’s still just sippin on gin and juice, get with the times!

On Saturday, February 5th, Snoop Dogg will host Snoop Bowl IX!  Youth teams full of children ages 7 to 13 will participate in the annual event that is chock full of sports fun and features seven different youth football league games throughout the day.  This year’s teams come from Fort Worth, Brownsville, Texas, St. Louis, Arkansas, Oklahoma City and Memphis.

The top-billed match up always consists of Snoop Dogg’s All Stars versus another team coached by a celebrity.  This year’s celeb is Cowboy’s great, Deion Sanders and his TRUTH squad.  It should be a great game, considering the two "coaches" have both started community-based youth football leagues out of philanthropic intent.

Snoop Dogg says, “I am so happy to have been doing this event for nine years straight and am excited to be coaching this year against Deion Sanders, a football great who I grew up watching.  Through our mutual love for football and giving back to the youth, we have come together.  The fact that we both have our own youth football leagues is a blessing; but he better watch himself on the field because my team is killing his!”

Even though Snoop sounds like he is laying down some smack talk, Sanders makes it sound like they have a strong friendship.

“We still believe the children are the future. I thank God there is a man who shares the same love, passion and focus for tomorrow’s leaders as I do," said Sanders.  "Some call him Snoop Dogg, I call him a friend.”

Throughout the years, Snoop Bowl has attracted countless celebrities participating, whether performing or coaching, and is a great event that gives back to the youth and their communities.  Celebs who have contributed in the past include Pitbull, Flo-Rida, DJ Khaled, Will.I.Am and many more.  This year’s game is excited to partner with Kinect for XBOX 360!

Snoop Bowl IX will take place from 9am to 6pm at Lancaster Recreation Park (1567-2101 N Jefferson Rd. Lancaster, TX 75134).  Snoop’s game will take place at 3pm. For more information please visit the PTA Sports Web site.

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