T.G.I.M.! 1-31

Lingerie football vs. the Pro Bowl, you be the judge.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

T.G.I.M.! 1-31

With a one week break between the NFL Championship games and the Super Bowl, hungry football fans were ‘gifted’ by the NFL this weekend with the Pro Bowl. Yes, I put gifted in quotations because honestly, this game is a stinker. It’s a water-downed, meaningless farce of an affair that usually ends up featuring half a roster of players that are only their because the smarter, better ones didn’t feel like making the plane trip.

For the record, the NFC won this season’s affair 55-41 and proved why this game is a farce and a poor shadow of a real NFL game. Simply put, there is no real execution or intensity to be found in this contest, two earmarks of an NFL game.

But enough about the Pro Bowl, the real football this weekend was found on MTV2 and involved scantily clad women in shoulder pads (and not much else) grinding it out in true gridiron passion…minus the panties of course.

The Lingerie Football League, which is what I’m talking about, showed two games on Saturday and caught my eye as I was flipping through the channels. Well, I can’t say that football was on my mind at first when my remote inexplicably froze on this channel but after a bit of drooling and chuckling under my breath at the sheer guy awesomeness of combining pigskin and lace, I came to realize that these ladies were really giving an effort out there. The play wasn’t the articulate tribute to mayhem that you routinely see on the weekends but it was filled with gutsy effort and determination that should be applauded (and was, on my account).

So what exactly is lingerie football?

Let’s take  a second away from my weekend fantasy fulfillment to explain the basics of the Lingerie Football League.  The LFL, besides being awesomeness incarnate, is a women’s 7 on 7 tackle league featuring 10 teams from 10 well known United States cities. The playing style is full contact (yah!) and is very similar to other indoor football leagues. The draw of the league is the uniforms that these attractive women wear, which consists of f shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads, garters, bras, panties, and helmets with clear plastic visors in lieu of face masks (think hockey style).

Basically, if you didn’t get this impression earlier, the LFL is wickedly awesome for so many, many reasons and was the premier football being played this weekend.

If you’re interested in checking it out, the Lingerie Bowl (think Super Bowl with a bra) will be aired on Super Bowl Sunday between the undefeated Philadelphia Passion and the undefeated Los Angeles Temptation in what is sure to be an erotic throw-down of epic proportions.