Killzone 3 Single Player Demo Coming in February

Jetpack across the snowy peaks of Helghan a bit early.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Killzone 3 Single Player Demo Coming in February

Strap on your jetpacks PS3 gamers, Killzone 3 is getting a single player demo release before the game launches on February 22.

The Killzone 3 single player demo takes place on the level “Icy Incursion,” roughly midway through the campaign. You’ve seen the footage of Sev using a jetpack to iceberg hop, now you get to live it a bit early.

The demo will launch for PlayStation Plus members on February 8, while average Joe PlayStation user will be able to download it on February 15.


The demo will come in two flavors: 3-D and 2-D. Both versions take place on the “Icy Incursion” level. However, while people who download the 2-D version will not get 3-D support (obviously), they will get access to splitscreen co-op. The 3-D demo does not support this feature.

Finally, the Killzone 3 single player demo supports PlayStation Move. So if you picked up the peripheral when it launched and have been bitter at how little you’ve actually used it, now is your chance to put it through its paces with one of the most anticipated titles of the year.

Guerrilla Games and Sony will also be hosting a Killzone 3 multiplayer beta from February 2-14. The download will be free for all PSN users and will include the Frozen Dam map and all three muliplayer modes: Guerrilla Warfare, Warzone and Operations.

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