Top 5 Tuesday: Odd Moments from this past AFC Championship

5 Things that make you go hmmm...

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Top 5 Tuesday: Odd Moments from this past AFC Championship

Mark Sanchez wiping a booger on Mark Brunell.

Someone should remind Mark Sanchez that while the game is going on, there is more than likely a camera on you. In a bit of ‘real tv’ during the first quarter, the broadcasting crew at CBS showed beautiful timing in turning a camera on Jets QB Mark Sanchez on the sideline just as he was picking his nose and wiping it on back-up Mark Brunell. This classic grade school moment was before the Steelers broke the game open so anyone questioning Sanchez’s focus on the game should chill…he was just showing some respect for an elder.

Click here to see the booger video on YouTube!

The Jets running LaDainian Tomlinson on 4th and goal from the one.

The Jets played a nearly flawless second half and nearly made up the 24 point hole they put themselves in. I say nearly flawless because they had it first and goal from the 2 late in the game and down 2 td’s and after three questionable plays, decided to run LaDainian Tomlinson into the heart of the Steelers D on fourth down. The result was a predictable Steelers stuff and the ball was turned over on downs. The question I have is that if you are going to brave Pittsburgh’s interior instead of running something more exotic, why not use the heavier, more powerful, Shonn Greene? L.T., even in his prime, was never a good short yardage power back and now that he’s added some mileage, he’s even less so.

Rashard Mendenhall humping Ben Roethlisberger as the game expires.

Um, will someone tell Pittsburgh’s Rashard Mendenhall that no means no. In another bit of the camera catches all, Rashard Mendenhall was caught on tape thrusting vigorously at a defenseless Ben Roethlisberger after he took a knee in the closing moments of the game. This odd moment may have been an inside joke between the two. I can assure you however that there was no alcohol present and that charges are not going to be filed.

Click here to watch the humping video on YouTube!

The Steelers second half play-calling.

The Steelers blasted their way to a 24-3 first half lead behind a power running game that took the Jets by surprise. Then they came out in the second half and tried it again with no success. The thing was, they never really changed it up any in the second half and seemed content to try to ride their 3 touchdown lead for the win. What that got them was a nailbiter that came down to the wire because the offense was so ineffective and the defense was wore out from being on the field so much. I never get why coaches go from playing to win the game to playing not to lose it when they get a lead. I have seen too many times when this philosophy has ended up with a teams loss. Coaches should take a page out of Bill Belichick and continuously go for the jugular until you know with 100% certainty that the game is in hand.

Rex Ryan

I put Rex here because, frankly, he makes me go hmmm more than anything else. He’s brass, loud and somewhat obnoxious and I’m not sure I like that (which I’m sure makes him lose sleep at night). He talks, and talks, and talks, and while I get that players love it, I’m not sure that I can get behind a coach who makes himself the center of attention. It’s a good thing he’s actually a good coach or people would be headhunting him royally right about now.