A Dead Space 2 Developer’s Mother’s Reaction

Yep. File this clip under "priceless."

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

A Dead Space 2 Developer's Mother's Reaction

In the spirit of clearing the air after my rant about the misguided nature of the “Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2” campaign, a little action on Reddit has given way to this video clip.

The video was posted by someone who has actually been working on Dead Space 2. It’s of his mother’s reaction after seeing a violent trailer. And it’s within seconds that we decide that this should have been the approach EA’s marketing team took.

Unless it is the work of the marketing team! Who knows? Viral things are weird.

Odds are, most average moms would react in ways completely different compared to the crazy ladies from EA’s clip. I don’t know if they’d be quite as loose and carefree as this mother, but they’d certainly be different.

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