Marvel Relaunches ‘Thor’

Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel headline the God of Thunder's new ongoing series.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Marvel Relaunches 'Thor'

With "Thor" due out in theaters in May, it’s not surprising to learn that Marvel has big plans to help the book find a new and larger audience. However the creative team attached has strong links to the past and present of Odin’s favorite son.

Marvel has announced that current "Thor" writer Matt Fraction will relaunch the character in May with "The Mighty Thor." And joining Fraction on the art chores will be Olivier Coipel, whose collaboration with writer J. Michael Straczynski on "Thor" back in 2007 helped reinvigorate the franchise.

Over at Fraction admitted that the fresh number one was timed to coincide with the upcoming film.

“A wave of civilians will be moved to check the book out, so a clear, clean entry point is always welcome,” noted Fraction. “The first arc of ‘The Mighty Thor’ is [an] accessible ground floor storyline that veteran readers and neophyte movie fans alike can get into. With characters this great, there’s a reason they’ve lasted so long, why the myths still resonate, why [they] still thrill and move us. All you have to do is honor them and the rest is easy; terrifying, but easy.”

Fraction also indicated that the first storyline in the new book will build immediately upon the conclusion of his "World Eaters" arc.

“When the dust settles, not everyone goes home,” said Fraction.” “The entire status quo of Asgard has changed. The whole citizenry of the World Tree [has] arrived on Earth for protection. Odin is back and angry about it. To say nothing of what happens to the World Tree itself.”

The report also mentioned that Thor and his lover, Sif will take on an arduous journey during the series’ opening story, which will be called "The Galactus Seed.".”

“Galactus comes to eat Asgard because there’s something incredible that Thor has harvested out of the World Tree,” revealed Fraction. “Asgard vs Galactus! Thor vs The Silver Surfer! What’s not to be psyched about?”

The current "Thor" comic will revert to its original title, "Journey Into Mystery" beginning in April. Kieron Gillen will take over for Fraction on that title, which will focus on the newly resurrected Loki and the other Asgardians.

According to Fraction, Pasqual Ferry will also return to "The Mighty Thor" following the opening story.

“Pasqual [Ferry] comes back right after ‘The Galactus Seed’ and Fear Itself to tell the story of—well, those are so spoilery not even everyone at Marvel knows what’s up,” teased Fraction. “Anyway, when we get there, you’ll see why nobody else on Earth could draw the tale I’ve got cooking for Professor Ferry.”