ABC Greenlights ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot

The network officially gives the go ahead for a new pilot episode.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

ABC Greenlights 'Charlie's Angels' Reboot

"Charlie’s Angels" may be the latest ’70s revival series on TV.

According to Deadline, ABC has formally ordered a pilot episode of an all new "Charlie’s Angels," which will take place in the modern day and be set in Miami. The pilot script was written by "Smallville" creators Alfred Gough and Miles Miller and the search for a director and female leads is currently underway.

Sony originally brought "Charlie’s Angels" to ABC last year with a script by Josh Friedman ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), before it was sent back into the development phase and re-envisioned by Gough and Miller. The network is reportedly following CBS’ successful "Hawaii Five-O" formula in order to successfully launch the reboot.

The original "Charlie’s Angels" ran on ABC for five seasons starting in 1976. The series was created by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts and followed three women (Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Jaclyn Smith) who worked for a private investigation firm run by a mysterious and reclusive backer known only as "Charlie" Townsend (John Forsythe) and his liaison, Bosley (David Doyle). Under the guidance of legendary television producers Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg, it quickly became a hit and made pop culture icons out of its stars.

In later seasons, Fawcett and Jackson were replaced by Cheryl Ladd and Shelley Hack, respectively. Tanya Roberts took over for Hack in the final season.

After an attempt to restart the franchise stalled in the ’80s, "Charlie’s Angels" was adapted into two feature films starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. Barrymore was one of the producers of the film series and she is also attached to the latest incarnation as a producer as well. Goldberg is also returning as a producer for the reboot, which may begin shooting as soon as this month.