Weekly Howl: Badge of the week

This week's stand out badge comes from FC Obolon Kyiv, Ukraine.

When Saturday Comesby When Saturday Comes

Weekly Howl: Badge of the week

When Saturday Comes

This feature on U.K. football journalism comes from our friends at When Saturday Comes, the site that bills itself as "The Half Decent Football Magazine".

January 7, 2011

Cameron Carter

Many clubs have a wild or mythical beast on their crest to symbolise strength, aggression or some kind of metaphysical hunger. Obolon Kyiv’s griffin is symbolising the forward basic step of the rumba. He is not so much thirsty for the blood of his enemy as taking us through the transfer of weight from ball to heel on the forward walk. Despite his obvious concentration, the griffin has made the basic error of replacing his heel squarely to the floor, rather than leaving it slightly raised, at the end of the cycle. This is actually quite clunky, will negatively affect the fluidity of his transitions and, crucially, will inhibit natural hip action. If the griffin continues to make this mistake, he will quickly be led into "forcing the hip" – attempting to summon all hip gyration from the hip itself – making him look and feel awkward on the floor. This awkwardness, and the sense that people are nodding their partners in the general direction of his jerky hip thrusts, will make him feel exposed and angry, and then perhaps FC Obolon Kyiv will have a proper mythical beast for their badge, rather than a Latin & Ballroom Intermediate griffin, which inspires less terror. Cameron Carter

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