Wesley Snipes: Game Developer

The incarcerated star dabbles in the video game market.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Wesley Snipes: Game Developer

Just because he’s incarcerated for tax evasion, as well as other things, doesn’t mean Wesley Snipes can’t pursue creative outlets from behind bars. The actor’s latest artistic avenue is the video game market, lending a hand in the development of a new game called Julius Styles: The International.  This new title will be Snipes’ attempt to tie together some of the characters from his feature films, such as Art of War, Murder at 1600 and Passenger 57.

The game will release this June on iPhone and iPad, with the Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Android versions coming at a later date.


Julius Style: The International will combine puzzle and action elements, something Snipes himself is quite fond of. "Julius Styles will offer something for both the mind game strategist and the kick-ass special ops warrior lover. I love games that challenge my mind and reflexes," said Snipes. "Julius Styles pits your street knowledge survival skills with your academic intellect and spiritual intuition."

Lapland Studios is the development house tackling the project, backed up by film firms Red 27 and Elstree Studio Productions.

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