ilomilo Review

An endearing puzzler that offers a challenge.

Alex Keenby Alex Keen

ilomilo Review

This cute little puzzler features two little creatures, ilo and milo, whose sole goal is to find one another and get back home.  Through multiple levels of puzzles, you’ll guide both ilo and milo from one cube to the next in an attempt to reunite.  What starts as a simple exercise of Point A to Point B, evolves into a complex maze of ups, downs, arounds, and more.  It’ll challenge not only your sense of direction but, also, your ability to experiment.

Boy, was I surprised by the fun I had with ilomilo.  On the surface, it looks like a kid’s game.  However, after a couple of levels it becomes very apparent that this is a complex title which requires more than just a set of thumbs.  There’s quite a bit of brain power required to traverse ilomilo.  Luckily, there is a pretty slow complexity build-up and novice players shouldn’t be turned off too soon.  Best of all for newbies, there is no one definitive solution to each puzzle.  You’ll find that this flexibility will allow you to luck through some levels without realizing what you’ve done.


For those of you more seasoned puzzle players, ilomilo should provide a challenge – albeit, not right away. Later levels become more complex and a strong leaderboard component should keep you enthralled.  So, after a quick run through of the game, you can go back and really master the title. ilomilo has solid replay value and I’m sure that will only be increased with new DLC.

If I’ve been vague about how this game works, it’s because it’s not exactly easy to explain.  While ilomilo is fundamentally about getting from Point A to Point B, the challenge is using the paths provided to you and the tools required to traverse those paths.  Players will travel across three dimensional cubes that initially allow you to just walk on one side.  As the difficulty increases, you’ll use all six sides to make your way through the level.  While the game starts with Point A and Point B being on the same horizontal and vertical planes, as the difficulty increases these planes get twisted, flipped, and raised.  Figuring out how to manage these changes is the key to success from one puzzle to puzzle.

Perhaps an afterthought for those of you that are hardcore puzzlers, the story in ilomilo is bizarrely endearing.  What starts off as an obvious LittleBigPlanet knock-off grows into its own unique little world complete with emotions and character.  I won’t lie, I’m not 100% sure what exactly what was going on for most of the time.  Nevertheless, the actual characters of ilo and milo are so evocative that I couldn’t help but be drawn to them.


Overall, I enjoyed playing ilomilo a lot.  It was fun, cute, relaxed, and challenging.  On the surface it might be a bit easier than what a lot of hardcore puzzlers are looking to play.  Still, I promise that if you commit the time, you’ll find that ilomilo has plenty of depth to explore.