Top 5 Tuesday: Coaches, Really, REALLY Not on the ‘Hot Seat’.

These 5 people can sleep easy at night knowing their job is secure.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Top 5 Tuesday: Coaches, Really, REALLY Not on the 'Hot Seat'.

In case you missed it, yesterday was ‘Black Monday’ in the NFL, the day after the regular season ends where a good third of the NFL coaches are in limbo as to whether or not they are still employed. There was only one casualty this Black Monday, Eric Mangini, formerly of the Cleveland Browns, thanks largely to the looming uncertainty of whether there will be a work stoppage next season. (Who wants to pay money to a new coach if there isn’t going to be games? Not me.) This yearly day of head coaching dismemberment got me thinking of not only coaches who are on the hot seat but also of those who have absolutely no worries when it comes to getting canned. As a result of these thoughts, here are my top 5 coaches who can sleep easy knowing there job is as secure as Fort Knox.

Phil Jackson, Los Angeles Lakers:

When you’re voted one of the 10 greatest coaches in league history then it’s safe to say your job is safe no matter where you’re at. Of course, it also helps to be coming off two straight NBA Championships. Phil has been blessed with superstars at every step of his coaching carrier; stars the like of Michael Jordan, Shaq, and Kobe Bryant, but that only serves to enhance his greatness. It’s isn’t easy to coach greatness because greatness is what is expected from teams with these stars.

Mike Kryzewski, Duke Blue Devils:

What can you say about Coach K except that he’s a winner. He has led the Blue Devils to 4 NCAA Championships, 11 Final Fours, 12 ACC Regular Season Titles, and 12 ACC Championships over his 30 season reign at Duke. Oh, and did I forget to mention he coaches Team USA and has a Gold medal under his belt also? Over his 30 seasons with Duke, Coach K has amassed an astounding 25 win per season average and has won 77 NCAA tournament games, a record. He also sports a 881-279 overall record that isn’t to shaby either.

Geno Auriemma, UConn Huskies Womens Basketball team:

Is there any job more secure than Auriemma’s? I would say no and that’s what winning 90 straight games will get you. Not only that but out of the 6 undefeated seasons seen in Women’s Basketball history, 4 of them belong to Auriemma. His overall record of 747-123 is just amazing and he has brought home the NCAA Women’s Championship 7 times. If you would look up job security in a dictionary, this guys picture would be right there.

Jim Tressel, Ohio State Buckeyes:

How do you spell job security? Well, for Jim Tressel, it’s 3 BCS National Title games since 2001, seven Big Ten Championships, and a dominating 9-1 against hated rival Michigan. Overall, he is 105-22 as the head coach of the Buckeyes. In a sport that demands continuous success and involves many demands, Tressel delivers in spades with yearly national contention. His teams are tough, they are well coached, and they get that from the man affectionately known as the ‘sweater-vest’. Tressel has built up some major rep at OSU and can rest easy.

Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers:

It’s tough to stay competitive and relevant in the NFL but the Pittsburgh Steelers have managed to do that for nearly 20 straight years and many thanks for that goes to the Rooney’s, the owners, for their steadfast dedication to the coaches they pick. They believe in organizational stability and it shows. This is a major reason that Mike Tomlin can rest easy at night knowing his job is secure. Of course, it helps if you are the youngest coach ever to win a SuperBowl and carry a carrier head coaching record of 43-21 in a sport that wins are tough to come by. Bill Cower, the previous Steelers head coach, lasted 15 years at his position. It’s very easy to think that Tomlin will last at least that long in his run.