SMALLVILLE 10:05 ‘Isis’

Lois is possessed by an ancient goddess, while Clark struggles for the courage to tell her his secret.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

SMALLVILLE 10:05 'Isis'

Episode Title: "Isis"

Writer: Genevieve Sparling

Director: James Marshall

Previously on "Smallville":

Brainiac 5 (James Marsters) appeared to Clark Kent (Tom Welling) at his high school reunion and took him on a trip to his past and then into his future as Superman where he not only encountered the Clark Kent of that era, but the future Lois Lane (Erica Durance) as well. To Clark's surprise, not only was Lois fully aware of his dual identity, but she was also willing to go to any length to keep his secret safe. Upon returning to the present, Clark and Lois declared their love for each other and he began to lift off the ground a few inches, which was apparently unnoticed by either of them.

Meanwhile, Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) appeared on TV to defiantly defend his actions as Green Arrow and he was inspired by Clark to declare that he wasn't the only hero. Elsewhere, Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) saved Alexander, the only remaining clone of Lex Luthor who was an eight year old boy. Feeling affection for him, Tess kept his existence in the Luthor mansion a secret and decided to raise him herself.


While preparing for a Green Arrow themed social event at the Metropolis Museum, Oliver learns that the amulet of Isis apparently never made it out of the Egyptian archaeological dig which Lois had covered a few weeks before. Meanwhile, Lois puts on an Egyptian outfit while rehearsing ways to tell Clark that she knows his secret, unaware that the amulet is hidden in her purse. At The Daily Planet, Cat Grant (Keri Lynn Pratt) tries to reel Clark in as her new partner, but he makes it clear that he's only interested in working with Lois and motions for his partner to meet him on the roof.

Lois gets to the roof first and finally notices the amulet which activates and allows the spirit of Isis to possess her body. When Clark arrives, he confesses that he's the Blur, but quickly learns that Lois is not herself when she flies away from him. After consulting with Oliver, Clark learns that Isis intends to resurrect her dead husband Osiris. But if she is successful, Osiris' underworld kingdom will rise as well and bring hell to Earth. While investigating the theft of the amulet, Cat sees Lois using her Isis powers to steal Osiris' heart, but she is kept from harm (and from recording the theft) by Clark. Soon afterwards, Cat tells Tess that she believes that Lois is the Blur, which causes Tess to laugh in her face.

Tess then follows up on Cat's story and gets the information from Oliver, who tries to shut her out. Over Oliver's objections, Clark accepts Tess' offer to help them save Lois. Clark finds Isis using Lois' body to break into the museum and recover Osiris' body. The body crumbles into dust, leading her to bind Clark as a potential replacement body for Osiris. Cat catches a glimpse of the scene and takes a quick picture before Isis notices her. Oliver arrives as Green Arrow and locks Cat away in a sarcophagus before shouting to Clark that direct sunshine into the amulet will free Lois. After a brief standoff, Oliver shoots the amulet off of her neck and Clark uses his heat vision to activate the amulet, much to the surprise and confusion of Lois. She tells them that she doesn't remember what happened to her.

Back at Watchtower, Clark and Oliver thank Tess for her help and invite her to be a part of their team. However, she seems to feel guilty for keeping Alexander's existence a secret from them. Later at The Daily Planet, Cat stabs Lois with a pen in an unsuccessful bid to prove that she's the blur. She then confronts Lois with the phone she used to take the photo at the museum, but Clark quietly destroys it first. While Clark treats Lois' wound in private, she does her best to encourage him to tell her his secret. Disappointed by his reluctance, she prepares to leave when he finally comes clean with her about his powers and dual identity. Lois instantly leaps into his arms and kisses him before asking him "what took you so long?"


To be honest, this episode was on track to be fairly average or even mediocre until the ending. The final revelation of Clark's secret to Lois has been a long time coming and it was a great moment of catharsis for the show in general. "Smallville" has done a good job this year of ending strong, from the vision of Jonathan Kent in the season premiere to Clark and Lois' air dance in the last episode. If the series could have hit its marks like that more often, there would probably be a lot more satisfied fans along the way. Still, it's hard to argue that the delaying tactics didn't help the show make it to ten seasons.

Tom Welling and Erica Durance really shinned in that last scene as well. They've both grown into and earned their roles as two of the earliest comic book icons. They're a great Clark and Lois and if "Smallville" could spinoff into a full blown "Superman" series with these two in the lead, I'd be all for that. I really liked the unrestrained joy between the two when the secret was no longer over their heads and Lois let Clark know that she had already figured it out anyway. It was a perfect way to end the hour.

Unfortunately, there was very little that was perfect about the hour leading up to that point. The Isis possession story was pretty similar to other possession stories across the life of the series. And Durance just wasn't very good when she was hamming it up as an Egyptian goddess. Even the costume she wore seemed kind of ludicrous, especially since Lois choose the outfit for herself even before she was possessed! Also, it seemed like the show was straining to make the Isis problem into an end of the world scenario by suggesting that Osiris would bring hell to Earth when he was resurrected. Funny, I don't remember that part of the myth. Also, do the writers on this show realize that the underworld of Egyptian mythology is not the same thing as the Judeo–Christian hell?

Just checking.

The developments with Tess were interesting, as she will essentially become the replacement Chloe until Allison Mack comes back to the series. But you know it won't last. At some point, the whole Alexander thing will make Tess look like a traitor or she'll do something shady and get kicked out before she becomes a misguided villain again. I hope I'm wrong, but that seems like the obvious trajectory for her.

Once again, I'm on board this series for the duration. Although that ending can't completely save this episode, I still want to see more moments like that to close out this series.

Crave Online Rating: 7 out of 10.